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Looking for a team of highly experienced developers and designers to build your next outstanding web application?

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About us

Who we are

We’re a team of highly motivated computer science engineers, with a strong background in Java.

Our vision is to grow together with our clients, while building best possible software solutions. We can achieve this because we’re both passionate and dedicated while having technical knowledge and experience to actually make things happen.

Oh and most importantly, we will pick up the phone when you’ll need us the most.

Meet the team

What we do

Even if our front-end department wouldn’t agree, we’re strongest at Java and Java EE backend development, building public APIs and 3rd party integrations. Doing a complete round and wrapping everything into Angular/React web app with user friendly UX and REST API, makes us feel better than a good cup of morning coffee.

We’re experienced in providing highly scalable and reliable backend solutions and we’re always happy to give advice on that subject. If so required we provide full 24h operations support and responsiveness.

Product development process overview

How we do it

By being and doing agile and adjusting the process just slightly for every specific customer.

By doing agile we believe in individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Working software over comprehensive documentation. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation. Responding to change over following a plan.

Benefits of agile development

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Glassfish / Java / Java EE / REST
Backbone / Dropwizard / Java / Postresql
Drools / Java EE / Oracle / PrimeFaces / WildFly
Mobilko, Žito d.d.
Android / Glassfish / HTML5 / Java EE / MySQL
Bootstrap / Dropwizard / HTML5 / Java / Mongo
Dinit Card Services
Angular2 / Bootstrap / Responsive design
Backbone / Hibernate / Java / Spring
Dropwizard / Java / Microservices / Mongo
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Fumis, ATech Elektronika
Java / JPA / JSF / Nest / Netatmo / Postgresql
Angular2 / Frontend / PouchDB / ReactiveX
Bootstrap / Design / Java / React
URSA Uralita
Java EE / JPA / MySQL / SAP / Transporeon
Receivr, Hoxton Mix
Angular / Google App Engine / Java / Plivo
Elasticsearch / FinTech / Java / MySQL / Spring

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We are open for new challenges (or just a cup of coffee)